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Receiving quality legal representation should be the bare minimum when looking for a criminal defense attorney. Although I am happy to refer you to a list of recent success stories, I believe great criminal defense requires more than just quality results. It requires an attorney who listens to the specific needs of their client, appreciates the severe impact a single criminal case can have on someone’s life and family, and keeps you informed every step of the way.

The advantages of hiring an attorney that limits their practice to criminal defense

I have dedicated my firm exclusively to the practice of criminal law within the Willamette Valley. Some attorneys split their practice and their time working on cases from many different practice areas such as: family law, juvenile law, personal injury, and business law. At Southwell Law, you will have an attorney that focuses exclusively on criminal defense. When I am not in my office meeting with a client, I am in the courtroom advocating for another client. I have likely already represented a client in a very similar situation that you may find yourself in; this is helpful to you because I already know how to get the best outcome for your particular case. Finally, limiting my practice mainly to the Willamette Valley area means there is a higher likelihood I am familiar with both the judge and prosecutor assigned to your case. This familiarity is a big advantage to you. My established relationships have enabled me to get people into treatment, mental health court, drug court, deferred sentences, and violation treatment on misdemeanor crimes.

Why Southwell Law?


Attorney Robert Southwell is a nationally recognized Criminal Defense Attorney who has successfully litigated numerous cases. He has helped thousands of individuals reclaim their freedom.

Areas of Practice

Sex Offenses
Felony Person Crimes
Felony Property Crimes
Animal Abuse/Neglect
Drug Offenses
Domestic Violence
Traffic Violations
Misdemeanor Assaults
Misdemeanor Property Crimes
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Robert Southwell is a solo practitioner handling criminal defense matters in Salem, Oregon. He previously worked as a prosecutor in Wisconsin.

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Ballot Measure 11 Charge and all Felonies Acquitted at Trial

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Animal Neglect Reduced to Violation

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Dismissal of Traffic Charge

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Attorney Robert Southwell will fight tirelessly to achieve the best result possible in your case.

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