When choosing the right attorney to help you with your case, receiving quality legal representation should be the bare minimum. Hiring a private attorney is a big expense, and you deserve more than just an attorney with skill and experience when it comes to criminal defense. This is your case, this is your life, and I am here to help make this very difficult time in your life as manageable as possible.

Customer service-driven law firm

The best lawyers are both great talkers, and great listeners. Each case is just as unique as the person involved. Many of my clients are good people who got arrested too quickly without law enforcement completing a full investigation, or struggle with substance abuse. My job is to listen to you and make sure I understand your side of the story and your goals in resolving this case. You can’t be a good legal advocate if you’re not a good listener.

Some clients will be determined to take their case to trial no matter what. Others not necessarily. No defense attorney can guarantee a particular result. However, I can guarantee that we explore every option for resolving your case and that you understand what is happening every step of the way. One of the most important components of my role as your legal advocate is to use my knowledge and expertise to provide you with all your options for resolving your case. Regardless of the outcome, my ultimate goal as your defense attorney is to have you feeling confident you made the best decision for you and your family when all is said and done.

Quality and cost-efficient legal services from a solo practitioner

As a solo criminal defense attorney, I can provide the same quality services you may receive from a medium to large-sized firm without all the additional costs. Medium to large-sized firms pay a lot of money to advertise their law firm and maintain large offices. How do they pay for all of it? They don’t. You do.

Senior partners in large to medium-sized law firms will meet with you for the initial consultation, but ultimately pass the case along to their inexperienced junior associates. The senior attorneys at a large firm have to spend the majority of their time working on marketing, business management, and hiring to maintain their practice and find more prospective clients to maintain their high salaries. I spend all of my time working on my cases and talking with my clients. The benefit to you is that you will have an attorney that spends all of their time practicing and evolving their courtroom skills.

Passionate about justice and the client

Although there are many flaws and limitations in the criminal justice system, there are also a lot of examples I’ve observed where my client received the right result for their case. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I’ve realized that the right result is not always as black and white as pointing at someone and saying they are guilty or not guilty. The right result can mean getting you into treatment instead of having your case go through the normal criminal courts, getting a deferred prosecution so you do not risk getting a conviction on your record, or convincing the judge or prosecutor that you have been overcharged. I find that most of my clients are good people that just want to be treated fairly and justly by the courts. Even if you made a mistake, justice is just as important for you as anyone else involved with your case. Whether it is ensuring the punishment fits the crime, or giving you your day in court, I will work to make sure that you receive just as much justice as any alleged victim involved in your case.

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